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The Fuss about Detoxing in January

J°Pour / Cold-pressed Juice  / The Fuss about Detoxing in January

The Fuss about Detoxing in January

The new year has barely started, and suddenly the word “detox” pops up everywhere. Teas, Soups, Waters, Juices, all promising to miraculously free your body from all the bad toxins. The idea is good though, you could use some replenishing after the holiday’s overindulgence. However not all those wondrous methods promise what they hold.

We have always been cautious using the word “detox” for our products. Over the time it has received a bad image due to its over usage. Still, when done correctly a detox can have an astonishing outcome.

So what does a detox actually do?

The idea of detoxing is to turn the toxins in your body into waste and to get rid of them. Primarily in the liver and intestinal tract, but also in other parts of your body. Depending on the intensity you choose for your detox deeper organs of the body can be reached. Additionally your immune and cardiovascular systems are strengthened.

By choosing a juice detox you can already achieve a very satisfying effect. We are proud that we were told by an Ayurvedic doctor that our cold-pressed juices have a detox effect. If you want to go further and have an even more efficient detox you can add further rituals such as body scrubbing, tongue scrubbing, sauna, mineral bathing, walking in the fresh air, as well as yoga practise. For the best outcome we recommend to go for a 3-5 day juice detox. And – believe it or not – the longer you are juicing the easier it gets, so why not directly go all in? However for any period longer than 7 days you should advise a doctor first.

At J°Pour we offer the Pure Box for detoxing. It consist of 4 green juices, 1 refreshing coconut/aloe-vera water and 1 protein-rich cashew milk. The combination is ideal to provide you with key nutrients, minerals and enzymes that help to purify your body. Each day the 6 bottles are drunken in a specific order which is indicated on the lid. At the same time it is essential to drink plenty of warm, still water and herbal tee to support the body’s activity. In general we recommend to rest and avoid intense exercising, however what feels good varies from person to person. So listen to your body and try to prevent as much stress as possible.

Preparation and follow-up are equally important

The way you feed your body before and after the juicing will not only determine how effective but also how difficult your detox will turn out to be. We always hand out precise information how to proceed, but it is actually really simple: eat clean. This means cutting out alcohol, caffeine, sugar, meat, gluten, and go for veggies, healthy fats and plenty of fiber.

The same is recommended after you finish juicing, slowly go back to your usual diet by emphasising on foods that are easily digestible.

You might have a hard time starting the detox, and we can promise there will be headaches, but for the results it will definitely be worth it. Not only the way you feel and look but your whole attitude towards nutrition will change.

The perfect time to detox is now!


  • to reboot after the holiday’s heavy feasting
  • to finally tackle these annoying new year’s resolutions
  • the motivation to go for a long-term healthy diet
  • to fight off the winter blues for the following cold months
  • to have a perfect excuse for snuggling up in the evening with a good book

Convinced to go for it?  You can find the Pure Box in our online shop

Still need more information? We are happy to help. Contact us at

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